• He was born on December 22nd, in 1936. In the year 1954 he joined Editorial Atlántida - the family business publishing company, which had originally been founded in 1918 by Constancio C. Vigil, his grandfather.

    In 1963, he took over the executive management of El Gráfico and other magazines. Since then, he became a member of the Board of Directors of Editorial Atlántida.

    In 1971 when Atlántida acquired a stake in Canal 13 de Televisión (local air TV station), he was appointed Executive Director for the programming, technical and operations divisions, in charge of overseeing these areas.

    By the end of July 1974, after Canal 13 and other two privately owned TV stations operating in Buenos Aires were expropriated by the government, Constancio C. Vigil resumed his daily work in Editorial Atlántida – he never left his position in the Board – and took over the management of the top publications of the company.

  • In 1989, Atlántida joined Grupo Federal de Comunicaciones together with other five partners. This group participated of the public tender, organized by the government (in order to return to private owners two of the TV stations operating in Buenos Aires that had been previously expropriated) and obtained the license for Canal 11. Since then, this local TV station operated as Telefé. Soon after that, they acquired Radio Continental, a local AM and FM radio station.

    In June 1994, Constancio Vigil became Director of this group, on behalf of Atlántida.

    Two years later, in 1996, after Editorial Atlántida had significantly increased its stake in Grupo Federal de Comunicaciones, he was assigned C.E.O. of the group.

  • After ten months of negotiations, in March 1998, a strategic alliance was struck allowing the creation of Atlántida Comunicaciones S.A., a multimedia company held by CEI Citicorp Holdings S.A. (30%), TISA – Telefónica Internacional S.A. (30%) and Constancio Vigil (40%).

    ATCO took over 100% of:
    • Editorial Atlántida
    • Telefé
    • Radio Continental both AM and FM frequencies
    • Eight open television broadcasting stations in the most important cities in Argentina.

    Constancio C. Vigil was appointed as CEO of this new company.

    By the end of 1998, a partnership constituted by the same shareholders of Atlántida Comunicaciones acquired 50% of Prime Argentina S.A. (owner of Canal 9 - an open air TV station in Buenos Aires-, Azul Televisión and other three broadcasting stations). The other 50% remained in hands of Prime of Australia.

  • After several months of intense negotiations, on May 2000, C.E.I. and Mr. Vigil sold, to Telefónica Media de España, all ATCO operations related to television and radio (100% of Telefé, its eight stations in the provinces, the 50% held in Azul and its three stations in the provinces and 100% of Radio Continental).

    The editorial business, the publishing of books and magazines together with all the associated activities, now belonged to a new company that continued to bear the name of Editorial Atlántida S.A.

    Constancio C. Vigil was named Honorary President of Editorial Atlántida and remained its major shareholder.

    Under his management, Editorial Atlántida strengthened its major brands -Gente, Para Ti and Billiken- and promoted new publications such as Para Teens, La Valijita, Paparazzi amongst others.

  • As well, they set off new business units such as internet sites, the organization of fairs & exhibitions, management of leisure resorts, etc.

    As the leading publishing house in the local market, Editorial Atlántida expanded its frontiers with its most renowned publications setting in Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Perú, Ecuador and México.

    In August 2007, Atlántida was bought by Grupo Televisa de México at a deal record for the publishing industry within the region.

    With the aim to continue with his local and international investments, in 2007 Constancio C. Vigil created a new company – CV CORP S.A. – from where he operates and administrates his personal issues.

    Amongst other interests, Constancio C. Vigil is an enthusiastic golf player. Besides actively participating of the Board of Directors in the Buenos Aires Golf Club, on April 2011 he was appointed as President of the Buenos Aires Country Club A.C.


    In 1962 he got married to Ana Baudrix and had four children:
     Constancio C. (h)
     Pilar
     Ana María
     Pablo

    After their divorce in 2007, he married Liliana Pata.